Slingshot Mobi, LLC is a rapidly growing mobile game company based in Carmel, IN. Founded by Matt Callen, we are focused on bringing fun, exciting social games and mobile apps to the marketplace. We believe in creating a a casual environment within our games in order to bring friends and players together for an enjoyable, and somewhat "addicting" gaming experience.

Our team consists of very driven individuals with the same goal in mind... to create the best experience for all of our users. Our designers and programmers are extremely talented and motivated individuals who are not only great to work with, but also personally fun to be around.

Future games and apps. We're always thinking of new ideas. We’re super passionate about creating amazing apps for this fast paced marketplace, and we love hearing feature requests or new innovative ideas for future apps. If you have any requests, please head over to the Contact page and send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!